Pre/Post Employment Health Screening

Health Screening

“For my people perish because of lack of Knowledge” Hosea 4:6, Anointing without Knowledge can disgrace you. Our bodies must be able to carry our inner man till we have fulfilled our God given calling, mandate and purpose here on earth. We owe it as a duty to our divine mandate to do everything possible to keep our bodies as healthy vehicle for the Spirit’s use

Comprehensive medical screening is one of the best ways of discovering medical problems at an early and more treatable stage. Deciding to find out exactly how healthy you are is a step that only you can take. However, once you make the choice the benefits are great.

Certain conditions such as Coronary Artery Disease, Cervical Cancer, Cancer of the breast, Diabetes Mellitus and other chronic illness can be detected at early stages during health screening programs and appropriate treatment modalities can be implemented.


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